“Hollywood & Indian Country’s Biggest Night for American Indian & Indigenous Voices™ Cementing American Indian at the forefront of the Entertainment Industry™”

“Hollywood has Oscar, Broadway has Tony, Television has the Emmy, and Indian Country has the Red Nation Film Award of Excellence”  And the Winner is …

About Red Nation Film Award of Excellence

Red Nation Film Festival & Awards Show honors accomplishments of Independent Motion Pictures and Documentaries, which are produced, directed, written, and starring American Indians. Honorees include individuals who have made advancements in film, radio, television, media, environment, social justice, human rights, career accomplishments in the arts, volunteerism, and cultural affairs.

The Red Nation Statuette

Red Nation Statuette has positioned itself as the most recognized American Indian trophy in the world, cementing American Indian & Indigenous Image in the forefront of the Entertainment Industry.

Red Nation Film Festival held its 6th Annual Film Awards in 2009. It became apparent to create a statuette to honor outstanding moviemaking achievements by American Indian filmmakers and thereby encourage excellence in all facets of motion picture production.

Red Nation created the *Red Nation Film Award* and tapped New Mexico sculptor artist Phillip Mangas Haozous son of the late apache sculptor artist Allan Houser to design “The Red Nation Statuette”

Red Nation Film Award was designed in three dimensions – and the world-renowned statuette was born.

An American Indian “Oscar” is born

Each November, new golden statuettes are cast, molded, polished and buffed and retained by Red Nation Film Festival.

Red Nation Statuette stands approximately 12 _” inches tall, which includes the base, and is Gold plated with a lacquer finish.

The “Red Nation Film Award of Excellence” is that of an American Indian woman. She represents giving birth to dreams in all art forms film, television, actors, directors, producers, musicians, technicians and writers.

In contrast to European cultures, many American Indian societies have been matriarchal. Indian women have had a great deal of power, both as individuals and as groups, and have held various leadership roles within their tribes. Traditionally, Indian women have worked in partnership with men, and decision-making has been related to consensus building, signifying the fact that American Indian communities were and still are run by women.

The Red Nation Statuette, Officially named “RNCI Red Nation Award of Excellence”, its nickname is “RNCI Red Nation Award.”

Making Dreams Come True

The official announcement was made during the Famous Indian Market in Santa Fe, NM on August 18, 2010 at the Opening night of Red Nation Film Festival “On the Road at the Museum of Arts & Culture. Phillip Mangas Haozous was be in attendance.

The first statuettes were presented at the 7th Annual Red Nation International Film Festival on closing night in Los Angeles, CA, on November 9th, 2010 at CBS Center Studios. Phillip Mangas Haozous was in attendance.

Each year achievements in up to 25 categories are honored.

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