The Edward Albert Jr. Award. Red Nation Film Festival created this award in honor of Edward Albert Jr. for his commitment,  hie deep love and appreciation for the land and the diversity of cultures. He divided his time between acting work and activism. His positive influence and passionate spokesperson when it came to environmental and cultural affairs. He served on the California Coastal Commission and California Native American Heritage Commission. Edward Albert Jr. Award is endorsed by the Albert family.

The only son of Green Acres (1965) star Eddie Albert and Mexican actress/dancer Margo, Edward Laurence Albert managed to come out from under his father’s strong shadow and make a gallant showing of his own as a gifted thespian.

Edward Albert Jr best known for ‘Butterflies Are Free’ (1972) with Goldie Hawn.


Past recipients 

Edward James Olmos  2009

Cesar Chavez 2014

Ed Begley Jr.  2018


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