RNIFF Education reaches more than 5,000+ students and teachers annually. Our programs strive to help students from kindergarten through college develop media literacy skills, cross-cultural awareness, and a lifelong appreciation of movies. In applying the power of film in empowering and directing the energy, vision and promise of American Indian & Indigenous Students, globally.

Native Youth Matter If I Can See It I Can BE It


Community Screening Series

A screening series of educational screenings that exposes Los Angeles City students and Native communities to independent films. 

Films for the Classroom

Cross-cultural various genre of film that enhance students’ academic engagement and foster critical thinking skills. 

RNIFF Native Youth Screening Series

Educational initiatives in California State and New Mexico State that seek to heal and strengthen community members affected by historical trauma, murdered and missing women and girls and related genocide of Native Peoples. These members include youth and adults, their family members, social service practitioners, and law enforcement. 


Native Youth Film Series > Native Youth in Charge of Their Narrative

An annual celebration of excellence in Los Angeles and Santa Fe youth-made media that gives student-made work an audience during the RNCI Red Nation International Film Festival. 

Summer & Fall Arts Program

This tuition-free intensive arts program allows for Los Angeles City Department of Education public school students and Tribal communities entering grades 8-12, to major in dance, theater, vocal music, instrumental music, visual art, film or photography. 

Tribal Communities 

Each year, RNIFF travels to different reservations across Indian Country in supporting Native youth with positive reinforcement to rich their highest potential in the arts and wellness initiatives. 

RNCI Student Film Fellows

Los Angeles Native youth filmmakers in grades 9 though 12 participate in creative projects, masterclasses and mentorship. 

2020 and beyond Red Nation Celebration Institute Partners


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